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My name is Gerri Ferrel, but most people just call me Momma.  I am a mother of three and a full-time student.  I am currently attending Valdosta State University and majoring in their  Special Education Interrelated Early Childhood program.  I chose this as my profession because I love to work with young children and I thought it would be a benefit to my own children in their educational journey.

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I am originally from Ohio around the Indian Lake area, but am currently living in Georgia outside the small town of Pavo.  I have lived in Georgia for ten years now, but still go to Ohio frequently to visit family and play in the snow.

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My favorite things to do when I am not teaching are cooking, crafts, and going to the beach with my husband and three children.  I like to cook for other people and try new dishes, so I am a frequent visitor of Food Network.  I also love to be creative and crafty.  My favorite craft show is the Carol Duvall show on HGTV.  My family and I go to the beach every chance we get.  We really enjoy going to St. Augustine, and Mexico Beach in Florida.  These are our calming down and family fun spots, we absolutely love the beach!

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Someday I hope to be able to visit Ireland and Italy.  I have a friend that is from Ireland and she talks about Ireland like it is beautiful.  My husband's family line is also Irish, so I think it would be nice to go and experience Ireland, and maybe get to stay in a haunted castle.  I would also like to visit Italy for the historical and art appreciation  aspects.  I would love to be able to admire Leonardo da Vinci's works in person.

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The Internet is an amazing tool for teachers with its abundance of educational web sites. It is important that teachers remember they do not have to re-invent the wheel, use what is out there to help you. A couple of my favorite web sites that I have found to be helpful in searching for additional information are ABC Teach,, NAEYC , and Sites for Teachers.  ABC Teach offers helpful information for teachers with lesson plans and activities. is very kid friendly and offers printouts that teachers and parents can use.  NAEYC is an organization that is very helpful for early childhood educators, it offers new ideas and research based programs.  NAEYC is also an organization that offers programs for teachers to keep their accreditation up.  Sites for teachers is a general site that you can go to find other sites to help with everything from lesson plans to creative crafts to problem solving strategies for teachers and students.

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