Go on an Adventure with ABC's, 123's, Colors & Shapes
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Ginger's Pre-K Class at Turner County HeadStart
 by Ginger Walker, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Have you ever wanted to make learning fun?  Well, come along on an adventure of fun games to help us learn our ABC's, 123's, Colors & Shapes.  Some of our games will feature familiar characters such as Big Bird, Barney, and the Bookworm Bunch.

shape racer
Are you ready for an exciting race?  Come along and fill in the shapes to see if you can beat the clock with Shape Racer.
Sesame Street
Big Bird, Bert, Earnie & Elmo are ready for you to come play.  Play along with them to learn your ABC's, 123's and more at Sesame Workshop.
Do you want to learn to read.  Reading Rainbow is ready to help you create your own fun sentences.
The Bookworm Bunch is ready for some fun.  They want to see how much you know about your numbers.
Barney is ready to play with his new friends.  He wants to help you learn your colors, shapes, and numbers.
Come along on an underwater adventure and see how many fish you can count.  This game is sure to bring you lots of excitement.
This site is a dictionary full of letters.  Each letter is accompanied by a picture beginning with that letter.  You will learn many new words that will broaden your vocabulary.
abc game
This ABC Game will not only help you with your letter recognition but also your sounds.  You will soon be on your way to reading when you learn the sounds the alphabet can make.
number game
Are you ready to count your way to Kindergarten.  This game will help you learn and recognize your numbers.  You are on your way!!
Fisher-Price not only brings you the games you have at home, but also some online.  You will enjoy the sound effects while they try to teach you colors and shapes.
alphabet letters This site will show the letters and a picture to go along with them.  Let's see how many letters you know.
billy bear
Let's learn our upper case letters.  You can also play a match game on this site.
abcd This site will introduce the letters. You will also get to see words that begin with each letter.
Learn the alphabet by reading with Alfy.  There are lots of stories to hear.

Scenario Mission
 Imagine you are trying to show your teacher all of the shapes and colors you have learned at school.  First go to Fisher-Price and play the game with shapes and colors.  Once you have played the game, take a piece of paper and draw any four shapes you remember and color them.  Then identify the shape and color for your teacher.  After you are finished we can put your pictures on the Internet.
Mission Steps
1)  Go to the link and play the game about shapes and colors.
2)  Get a blank sheet of paper and crayons
3)  Draw any four shapes and color the inside with your crayons
4)  Identify the shapes and colors to your teacher.
5)  After we are done, we will put your pictures on the Internet and then you  can take your pictures home to your mother.


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