Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon
Author:  Margret & H.A. Rey's
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Curious George Paint

At the beginning of my book, Curious George was on his vacation with the man with the yellow hat.  They decided to stop by South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore.  They saw men working on Mt. Rushmore while they were looking through the binoculars.

The man in the yellow hat and Curious George were going to watch a hot air balloon race. When they arrived to the field with the balloons, Curious George was very excited.  Since he was so curious, he decided to climb a rope attached to one of the balloons.

Once Curious George was in the balloon, he realized the balloon was no longer attached to the ground.  He was very scared.  He was watching the other balloons in the race.  The wind changed and Curious George saw Mt. Rushmore.  A man working on Mt. Rushmore grabbed hold of the rope from the balloon and they landed safely in a tree.

Critical Thinking Questions
1.  If you were Curious George, how would you feel if you were up in the hot air balloon alone?
2.  What kind of  things would you want to look while you were up in the hot air balloon?

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