A Frog Named Eddie
Story and Picture by Gina Thomas


    Once upon a time there were three little frogs named Freddie, Teddie, and Eddie.  The three frogs were brothers.  They lived in a little cottage in the woods with their mother, whom they called Mama Frog.  The three frogs loved each other and played well together.  Their mother loved them so much that she knitted vests for all three of her frogs to wear to church on Sundays.  The vests looked the same but the mama frog put a lot of work into finding just the right buttons to put on her sons vests. She wanted three buttons on each vest to stand for each of her little frogs..

     After school the frogs rushed home to finish their daily chores and do their homework for the day.  When the homework and chores had been finished, the frogs could go outside to play with their friends.  The little frogs loved to be outside.  They would hop and jump around into puddles of water and play silly games with each other.  On this one day, when mama frog checked to see if the homework and chores were done before play time, she found that Freddie and Teddie had done their part but Eddie had not finished.  So mama frog sent the two little frogs out to play while Eddie stayed behind to finish his part.  Eddie went to his room and watched through the window as his brothers and the other little frogs played outside.  Eddie was very angry at his brothers for leaving him.   He wondered around his room but didn’t want to do his work.  He looked around his room and there on the end of the bed folded neatly were the vests that the mama frog had made for them to wear on Sundays.  Suddenly, a bad thought came to Eddie.  He picked up one of the vests and pulled a button from it.  He didn’t want his brothers to play without him so he done this to make them mad.  Eddie threw the button underneath the bed so that his brothers would not find it.

    Sunday morning came and the little frogs were getting ready for church.  Eddie heard one of his brothers crying to mama frog that one of his buttons was missing from his vest.  Mama frog questioned each frog to see if they knew where the button was.  Each frog said they knew nothing.  Without the button on the vest of the third little frog, they would not look alike and be the family that they always were on Sunday.  Mama frog had picked those buttons out special so she didn’t have anymore and she couldn’t get anymore either.  Eddie felt bad about what he had done.  He went into his room and sat on his bed.  He slowly reached under the bed and found the button lying there that he had threw underneath earlier.  He took the button to mama frog and told her what he had done.  Eddie apologized to her and his brothers for doing wrong.   Mama frog explained to Eddie that you couldn’t do things like that even if you were mad.  She told him that no good comes from hurting others.  Mama frog hugged Eddie and told Eddie that she loved him no matter what but for him to learn a good lesson from this.

    After Eddie give mama frog the button from under his bed, she sewed the button back on the vest and the three little frogs got dressed for church.  Once they were all ready each frog matched and they made a perfect family once again.  Eddie learned to never hurt others when he was upset because he only felt worse afterwards.  And off the three little frogs went to church.


Activity for Lesson Using Critical Thinking

After sharing your creative writing story with your students, have your students use their critical thinking skills to answer the following questions to write or dictate their story.  After writing their stories, have the students draw a picture using the Paint program to illustrate their story.

Critcal thinking questions to ask students that would change your story to their story:
1.How would you change the main character? (Introduction)
2.Where would your story take place? (Setting)
3.What would happen to the main character in your story? (Plot)
4.How would your story end? (Ending)

I taught my paint picture & story to my students and showed it as an example.  The following is a paint picture & story by one of my students named Sydney.
syd picture


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