This topic quest was designed for Mrs. Hiers Kindergarten Class at Quitman Elementary School by Gretchen Cain, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


Do you like bugs?  Well maybe we should learn about a certain family of bugs, known as insects, before you answer that question.  Today, you will collect information about insects to share with your friends.

flying mosquito 1. Do you ever see little bugs crawling or flying around you?  Well, these bugs are known as insects.
lady bug
2. Insects have three body parts.  Can you find the names of the three body parts
3. There are so many insects around us.  Part of your job is to collect information on five different insects. Honey bees, Ants, Dragonflies,Crickets, and Houseflies are the five insects you are to collect the information on.
bumble bee
4.   The first insect is a honey bee.  What does a honey bee like to make?
bee hive
5. There are three types of honeybees the woker, drone and queen.  They each have their own jobs.  Can you find out what their jobs are?
big black ant
6. Ants are the most commonly seen insects.  Find out what types of food ants eat and how you can catch ants.
dancing ant
7. See how ants dig their nests.  Can you draw a picture of an ant nest?
8. Where does a dragonfly live?  What does it eat?
9.  Are male crickets aggressive, and where can they be found?
10. Why do houseflies spit on food?  What might happen when house flies spit on food?  What do houseflies use to taste food?


You are being sent on a very important mission.  The National Museum of Insects needs your help.  For the last 200 years, they have spent so much money and time on trying to answer a few unsolved questions to do with honeybees, ants, dragonflies, crickets, and houseflies.   You will explore these web sites to try and solve all the National Museum's questions.

Mission Steps

1. Explore the links provided, and learn about insects.

2. From the information you have learned, try and answer the questions you are asked.

3. As you answer the teacher answer the questions, have the teacher write down the answers to the questions you are asked.

4. Once you have completed your research and have answered all the questions, your answers will be mailed off to the National Museum of Insects, where they eagerly await a response.

5. After you are through, draw a picture of the ant bed you researched.
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