Charlotte's Web
Author E. B. White
Picture and Story by Gretchen Cain

Farm House

    Charlotte’s Web opens the door to a magical world, which a young girl named Fern finds herself a part of. Fern spends her free time with Wilbur the pig whom she loves and the other barn animals who play a large part in the life of Wilbur. Charlotte A. Cavatica, the large grey spider, befriends Wilbur and helps him deal with the shocking news that his life will end as bacon on someone’s plate. Charlotte goes as far as coming up with an interesting plan that only this spider could carry out with the help of Templeton the rat (who never does anything unless there is something in it for himself) to help Wilbur escape death.

Critical Thinking Questions:
What other insect or animal could Charlotte be?  How might the story be different if Charlotte was not a spider? 
2.  What role would Charlotte have in the story as a different animal or insect?  Would her role be as significant?

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