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Welcome to my site. You are viewing the Grand Tetons near Jackson, Wyoming. I think this is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. I have spent most of my life traveling. Even though I was traveling for work, I used the opportunity to learn about people, places, and HISTORY. The place pictured above is a significant spot on the planet for me. The story is too complicated to relate here, so for now, just enjoy the picture. Nothing painful about this place; unless a grizzly decides on you for lunch. :)  If you're lucky you may even spot a falcon soaring above.

I just completed my first year in education after spending a career in sales. This is a second career for me and I love sharing history. Dacula High School, home of the Falcons, is my education home. For the past 3 years we have been ranked in the top 5% of high schools in America, by Newsweek Magazine. When I see my students, I often reminisce about my days in high school; we were the Falcons too. There have been many changes since then. For instance, we had no personal computers, ipods, or cell phones. I witnessed the introduction of color television, fast food, and rock and roll. Guess what? That's history. One day you too will look back and think about the past. The story of the past is what I teach. 

If you would like to take an interesting day trip, then drive to Apalachee, Ga. Falcons fly here also and you can visit the historic school house where my grandmother and great aunt taught school. In the early 1900's, all of the grades from elementary through high school were taught here. This too is history. I used to love listening to my grandmother talk about "the good ole days." I also loved walking the pastures, swimming in the river, and enjoying the outdoors around Apalachee. I consider my teaching as carrying on the legacy my ancestors established.

Hardly anyone likes going to the dentist; unpleasant right?  Ask many high-schoolers if they like history and most will say, "about as much as the dentist." It is my job to try and alleviate the pain of learning about the past. I'm the Novocaine for World History students, so to speak. Unfortunately Novocaine is administered with a shot. Let's look at this as your responsibility. The shot is paying attention in class and doing your class assignments. I will promise to make it painless for you. The space below will be very important to you success in my class. Here you will find many helpful links, including assignments and dates for tests and projects.

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