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        I work in the Clayton County, GA school system. Clayton County is located in the Metro Atlanta area. I also work with students at Ash Street Center School, which serves students in need of therapeutic supports (GNETS). This page is designed to assist high school students with math concepts that they will encounter as they work to complete the Algebra 1 curriculum. In addition, there are links to additional practice activities, and interesting information regarding the history of mathematics.

        I enjoy math, and have a special interest in the history of math. I have included a link to the history of math on this page to help students understand and comprehend how math concepts are developed. I encourage students to investigate how math developed among different cultures. This will help them understand that there are various ways to perform mathematical operations. In addition, there are many concepts and methods that are unique to the culture in which they originated. For example, some cultures achieved high levels of mathematical reasoning and use without using the concept of zero. It is my goal to encourage mathematical comprehension, reasoning skills, and critical thinking in students at the high school level.

        High School students in Clayton County, GA study algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Click the link that follows for the Algebra 1 curriculum for Clayton County, GA. 

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