Fire Safety
This TopicQuest was designed for fourth grade students.
By: Alan Chancey, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher



Have you ever been involved in a house fire? Would you know what to do if there was a fire at your home? This site is designed for you to learn fire safety tips and how to design an escape plan for your home. You can even become a Junior Fire Marshal! Check out the links below and have fun!!


How much do you know about fire safety? Go to this web site to learn more about Fire Safety!!


Do you want to have some fun? Here is a web site where you can play FUN fire safety games!


        Would you like to become a Junior Fire Marshal? Now you                                   can show off to your friends!


          Have you met Sparky The Fire Dog? He's an excellent                                                        helper!


             Want to learn a new tune? Listen to a fire song!


                 Check out the FireTips
! They are great tips!


Mission Project
Sparky the Fire Dog is looking for a few good junior fire marshals!! He is searching for those who are highly qualified and knows their fire safety!! To show him you are fit for the job, brush up on your fire safety tips and construct an escape plan for your home! Once you feel like you can pass the fire drill report back to Sparky at once!!

Mission Steps

1. Visit this helpful page that informs you about fire safety! Then click on the Home Fire Safety Icon and learn about fire safety! Next take the quiz to test your knowledge!
2. Second, Click on the Escape Planning Icon! After you have learned about how to make an escape plan, take the quiz to test your knowledge!
3. Third, you will draw an escape plan for your own home!
4. Now let's see if you are ready to be a Junior Fire Marshal!




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