The Creative Art Work Of Eric Carle

This page was designed for Mrs. Hendley's Pre-K class at Clyattville Elementary School by Gail Benjamin, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


1. If you are interested in knowing more about Eric Carle this is a great web site to learn more about him. This web site tells you where he was born and raised.

2. Eric Carle loves to hear from his fans. If you would like to contact Eric Carle you should visit this web site and mail your questions to him.

3. If you would like to see more of Eric Carle's, visit the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. This site also contains the work of other artist.

4. Eric Carle is a very talented artist. If you want to find out about awards he has won, visit this site.


5. Are you interested in how Eric Carle creates his art? Visit Eric Carle's collage page to buy the video that shows you how he creates his art.

6. If your parents have a creative way to use one of Eric Carle's books, they should visit the Caterpillar ExchangeThis sight is where parents can submit their ideas.

7. Eric Carle's books are considered favorites by many children. This page gives the names of each book and some children's illustrations of the books. Visit this site to view children's favorite books by Eric Carle.

8. Eric Carle- Unit Lesson Plans  There are many activities that teachers can use to go along with the books. This page gives ideas about ways to incorporate these books into a teacher's lesson plans.

9. Students all over the country love Eric Carle's work. Visit the Student Art page to see the art work that was inspired by Eric Carle.

10. If you are interested in other types of art, you should visit the Children's Museum of the Arts. This site has lots of art that may interest young children.

The Wonderful World of Art

After reading Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? your class has decided to have an animal art contest. The grand prize for the best looking animal is a free trip to the Children's Museum and Wild Adventures. 

You want to be the winner of this contest because you love Wild Adventures. To create your picture you must use the same process that Eric Carle uses to create the animals in his book. Use your imagination to be sure that you are the winner. If you need some help getting started visit the Student Art Page. Good Luck and have fun!

See topic lesson plan for more information


This is a picture that Hannah drew after I read the scenario from my topic page. She said that it represents the very busy spider.


This a picture that Allison drew after I read the scenario from my topic page. She said that it represents the very busy spider.


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