This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Reeves Kindergarten class at Lake Park Elementary School
 by Emily Waldron, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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Have you ever thought about being a president for a day?  Have you ever wondered what life was like for the presidents in the White House?  Would you like to learn more about each  president who lived in the White House?  Read further to learn anything you want to know about our Presidents and the White House.  You may even get to play some interactive games. 

Come see this website if you would like to  do some activities about the presidents,learn about the first lady, or learn about President's Day.
Go see Ben's Guide to U.S. Government to learn more about our nation's government, symbols of our U.S. Government, and to play some games and activities.
Want to become President for the Day?  Come see this site and you can enjoy new information that you have never known about the White House.
Come and see this Encyclopedia to view some interesting information that you need to find. 
If you would like to play some Election games, this would be a fun website to visit.  You'll get to chose to be a Republican or a Democrate and fish for answers with George Washington.
Do you have any questions dealing with the president?  Would you like to know why the President's wife is called the "First Lady" or want to know how long it took to make Mount Rushmore?  Come visit Ask Earl to find your answers.

Mission Activity
Imagine you are a historian doing research on the Presidents and the White House.  You  have been able to go to the library, Internet, and just explore the information about all the previous presidents and the things that deal with the presidency.  You want to test you knowledge on all the information you have researched to prepare you for a big report you have to give to the present President, George W. Bush.  You can go to the Elections Games Website to test your knowledge.  You'll be able to go fishing, as either a Republican or a Democrat, for questions about the presidency or an election.  I want you to try this quiz and you'll recieve a certificate after you answer all the questions.  Try the election match-up and see which symbols you can match together.  After doing the quizzes and looking at the websites, you will be able to draw a picture of either George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.
Mission Steps

1.  Visit the links, Fishing for Votes and Election Match-up.
2.  Answer the questions on the Fishing for Votes site to receive a certificate of how you tested your knowledge.
3.  Print out the certificate to remind you of your well-done knowledge.
4.  Then draw a picture of 
either George Washington or Abraham Lincoln(Presidents Day) and dictate or write the name of the president you drew.