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My name is Emily Rose and I am  life long resident of Valdosta, Ga.  I am a junior at Valdosta State University, pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood & Reading Education.  I am looking forward to completing the program  and managing a classroom of my own.  I hope to be a successful teacher and have a positive impact on many children's lives.

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My husband, Carl Rose is the Recreation Director for the Brooks County Recreation Department.  Together we have three wonderful children ages 4, 5, and10.  As a family we enjoy going to  Wild Adventures Theme Park,  attending sporting events, and going to the beach.  St. Augustine Beach is our favorite vacation spot. 
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I have found two great websites for teachers.  Learningpage.com is a teacher resource page offering a collection of instructional materials you can download and print.  Teachers can also view lesson plans and worksheets here.  Another helpful website is beginningreading.com, a phonics based beginning reading program.  This site includes hundreds of printable worksheets and the Zac & Deb book series.


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