Fly Away With Me
Ekiyah Fulton

moving buttterfly

Hello, my name is Ekiyah Fulton most people call me Kiki. I am a Junior at Valdosta State University. I am an Early Childhood Education Major. I hope to become a Pre-K or Kindergarten teacher. I love kids and that is why I want to teach.
gray kitten playing with purple butterfly

I am from Decatur, Georgia that is about 10 minutes outside of Atlanta. I graduated from Columbia High School. I was captain of the varsity cheer squad and Ms. Homecoming my senior year. I have a older brother who is 25 years old that I simply adore. My family moved to McDonough Georgia about a year ago. It is right outside of Decatur.

     tiny blue butterfly            tiny blue butterfly                    tiny blue butterfly            tiny blue butterfly                    tiny blue butterfly            tiny blue butterfly       

My family goes to Orlando, Florida every summer and I love it. My favorite place to visit is Island of Adventure, the new theme park there. My family and I were suppose to go to Hawaii this summer but our plans fell through. I was really sad about it because I really wanted to lay out on the crystal white beaches of Honolulu.

Pink butterfly Purple butterfly

I love to dance, sing and play tennis. My favorite singer is Beyonce Knowles. My favorite dancer is Usher Raymond and my favorite tennis player is Serene Williams. I also love to shop, watch movies, and eat candy. My favorite store is Express. My favorite movie is the Gooneys and my favorite candy is Skittles. My favorite color is pink and I love butterflies. Can't you tell?

The Reason Why I Love Butterfliesblue butterfly on pink flower

Soft floated the butterflies gently on the wind
With a drift they flap gently by
On a warm summer's breeze I watch them flow
And it makes me want to cry

To think that such a soft thing made
By the hands of God so dear
His artistic touch amazes me
And lets me know he is near

The butterfly is a sign of graze
Softness given to the gentle wing
And to see them flutter through the air
Causes my heart to begin to sing

green and red butterfly with attitude
Girl made of butterflies
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