The results of this research showed various benefits as well as problems that Associates of Team One and other companies could endure when hiring a disabled worker. The findings have been distributed into three categories – advantages, disadvantages, and statistics


Contrary to popular belief, hiring disable workers have more advantages than disadvantages.  As with most company’s Associates of Team One believe that money and job stability are two of the contributing factors to productivity which usually determines growth and success. Some of the advantages of hiring a disables worker are:

ü  Secure and stable job positions

ü  Effective productivity

ü  Useful income

Secure and stable job positions

The Associates of Team One generates and distributes paperwork publications and manuals to customer relations management facilities. These facilities include call centers and large corporate offices that are unable to produce their own procedural paperwork.  None of our positions require physical activity, but the jobs is very time consuming and tedious. Although our employees must be dedicated to withstand the hardships of working long hours and occasional overtime; they are in a professional and comfortable environment. A recent study revealed that disabled workers are more stable because they can work at high levels (EEOC ref).  It also stated that “they appreciate the fact that they have a job.”   This helps us conclude that a disable worker will most likely stay with our company and make this a career, vice leaving in less than four years.

Effective Productivity

Being that Associates of Team One is a new, small, private company, productivity is very important.  Our company’s reputation is partly created by the distribution of efficient services and products. According to the EEOC, there are very few differences in the satisfaction ratings between disabled and non-disabled workers (EEOC ref).  We believe that part of this result from a disable person’s ability to be flexible.  Given their situation, they may be able to adapt to their surroundings and acquaint themselves with the equipment in their environment.  Research indicates that disable workers are more likely to solve problems and overcome adversity than employers think (book pg 181).  Although there may be unexpected emergency situations, given the above mentioned facts, we determine that there will be no decrease in the daily production of a disadvantaged worker.


Useful Income

Another major benefit to us is the Disable Access Credit.  The Disable Access Credit is non-refundable credit that is given to small business for the purpose of providing access to persons with disabilities (IRS ref).  Although there are eligibility requirements for these funds, it could assist with the costs of accommodations that will be provided to the disabled.  Depending upon the amount of money, the allowance may also be used to subsidize transportation costs and other expenses that they may encounter during company business.


Unlike a variety of advantages, the disadvantages posed on the company are very few.  As we explore the opportunity of hiring disabled workers, we realize that certain accommodations will have to be made.  An accommodation is a reasonable adjustment to a job or work environment that is made so it will be easier for someone to perform his/her duties, due to a specific problem or condition (Kruse, 2003, p.281). The major disadvantage we will encounter is making sure we can accommodate the workers.  Some special accommodations include:

Ř  Facility and equipment modifications

Ř  Schedule changes


Facility and Equipment Modifications

We will have to ensure that adequate space is provided for the workers to work comfortably.  In doing this, changes to the floor plan and the original work setting must be made.  For example, a local company in Valdosta stated that they never hired a person with a disability because the cubicles are too small. Other complaints might include property changes, such as building ramps, restricting parking spaces, and posting handicap signs.  Although it has been stated by the EEOC that the accommodations made are fairly inexpensive (The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2009), these transformations still have to be in place.

Schedule Changes

Associates of Team One will also have to provide a work schedule including additional management to supervise and assist those who encounter problems. This act could possibly cause us to hire more qualified personnel in case the rotation does not allow current supervisors adequate time off.  In such cases, it is proven that companies sometimes lose skilled workers due to the depth of responsibility entailed in overseeing employees that are less advantaged (Kruse, 2003, p.280). Realizing that this factor could also include doubling shifts, special incentives, such as additional pay or days off, might be offered for those who work overtime in case of an emergency.