From Head to Toe
We Explore
Our Five Senses

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Johnson's Pre-K class at Dewar Elementary School by Erin Brantley, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

five senses

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What are our five senses?
When do we use these senses?
We use these senses everyday in everything that we do.
When we eat breakfast, lunch, and supper we use our sense of taste.
When we listen to our "Good Morning" song we use our sense of hearing.
When we decide what color to paint our picture in
art class we use our sense of smell.
When we play with the puppets at the puppet area we use our sense of touch.
When we color a picture at our art area for our mommy or daddy
we use our sense of sight.
We use these senses even when
we don't even realize that we are using them!

noses and ears

 sense of taste
This website tells us about our five senses
and includes games that we can play to
learn more about when we use them.

This website is for students who are
Pre-K age or Kindergarten age.
This website is fun and has lots of bright colors
It includes songs about the five senses and also includes activities that kids can take part in to
learn more about the five senses.

colorful eye
This website was created by a student at the
University of Georgia to teach kids fun facts about the
five senses.
tongue and tastebuds
Do you hear that noise?  Why do you hear it?  This website
helps kids to understand, through interaction, what each of the five senses do and how we hear,taste, feel, see, and smell.

How do you see things in our classroom?  How do you
see what to wear in the morning?  This website helps you to
understand how the eye works when we see things.
blind man reading
Did you know that a dog's sense of smell is
100 times better than a human's?  On this website you can
learn many more facts about the five senses.  You can also access and encyclopedia with definitions about
the five senses.

Scenario Mission
Imagine that you are playing in a homerun derby.  In order to score a run, you successfully pass each challenge. Each of these challenges has to do with your knowledge of the five senses.  Before we begin, let's review the web site about the five senses and then we'll be on our way to the batter's box.  Questions may be asked and challenges may deal with hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, or tasting.  Remember, to move to home plate each of you must first focus on getting your questions or challenges correct!  Get your "sensing" cleats on and lets get started!  Good luck!

Mission Steps
1.  Have each student blindfolded.  Stand at one end of the room in a particular area (art, blocks, etc.) and let them guess what area you are in.

2.  Go outside of the classroom and call each student out of the room individually.  Blindfold the student and have them taste a food.  Have them hold their nose as they are tasting the food.  See if the student can guess what the object is without seeing it, touching it, or smelling it. 

3.  Show the students an object and tell them to pay close attention to what the object looks like.  Let both students see the objects up close.  They may pass the object to each other to get a better look at it.  After a few minutes, hide the object and see if the students can draw the object that they saw. 

4.  Get a paper bag and put several different objects in it.  Get both students, individually, to put their hand in the bag and feel the objects.  See if the students can tell what the objects are without seeing them.  For an extra challenge:  let the students draw the objects that they felt.

5.  Go outside of the room and call both students out, one by one.  Blindfold the student and have them smell an object.  See if they can guess what they are smelling without seeing it or touching it.

6.  As the students complete each challenge, ask them to tell you which sense they were using during the challenge.

7.  At the end of the lesson, have the students draw a picture of which body parts the five senses are involved with.  Review the challenges with them if they have trouble deciding which body part was used so that they can relate the senses to experiences.  Tell the students that since both of them did so well they were both winners!

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