Mapping and Geography!

This Topic Mini-Research & Literature page was developed
for Mrs. Hurley's 3rd grade class at Berriem County Elementary School
Designed by Pearl-Anne Brown, a Valdsota State University Preservice Teacher

Our World made with paint!


Look around the world and see all of the different countries and the continents! Did you zoom in and see facts about each country with the Explore! button?
map of the world

Information about how latitude and longitude work. Did the pictures and definitions help you out?
map of the United States

Type in the name of the city of your choice and find the latitude and longitude of your choice! Did you try your hometown or Disney World? Play around with the tool.
antique map

Click on the small images on the right hand side of the page to look at very old maps of the world. How are they different from what you see now? Did you notice that some places were missing?

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
Your family is wanting to go on vacation. You are in charge of picking where you want to visit and planning the route that your family will take. Pick a famous place where you want to go and find out the latitude and longitude for the location. On your map of the United States you will find the location. Then you will follow the roads from our school to your vacation destination. Your family also wants to know what states you will be driving through, so be sure to make a list for them!

Mission Steps:

1. Head to the Latitude and Longitude Finder and type in Nashville Elementary School. Write down your latitude and longitude coordinates. Then type in the vacation site of your choice and write down the coordinates.

2. Take out your map of the United States and locate the coordinates of both your school and your vacation spot. Put a sticker on the two locations.

3. Look at the roads that run between your two stickers. Trace a route to get from our school to your destination. Use any color marker or crayon that you want to use.

4. After you have drawn your route, write down the names of the states that you will drive through. Put the names on the side of your paper in the order that you would get to them.

5. Give your coordinates and map to Mrs. Brown so she can publish them on the Internet for everyone to see

Topic Literature Activity
Pirate Treasure Map
A Fairytale Adventure
by: Colin and Jacqui Hawkins

Pirate Treasure Map

Topic Literature Activity
pirateA: In the book "Pirate Treasure Map", Jack uses a map to find the treasure. Go to The World Atlas and look at how to read maps.
B: 4 questions of understanding

  • How did Jack and Patch end up in the ocean?
  • Who did Jack help find their way home?
  • What happened when the troll tried to stop the Billy Goats?
  • What did Jack and Patch find in the dark, dark chest?
C: 2 critical thinking questions
  • What do you think Jack's life would have been like if Cap'n Horatio Hubbard had not come with the treasure map?
  • If you found the treasure in the dark, dark chest, what would you do with it?

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