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Reig & Jericho

Hi, my name is Pearl-Anne Brown and I am originally from Leesburg, Georgia. I am currently a student at Valdosta State University. I am a junior in the Interrelated Special Education and Early Childhood Education program. I plan to graduate with my Bachelors degree in December 2008 and with my Masters degree in December 2009.  Once I have my degree, I plan to teach kindergarten or pre-k.

Reig in sunglasses!

I have been married for almost two years to Matthew Brown. In my free time, I enjoy playing with my two minature poodles. Their names are Jericho and Reig. Jericho is apricot colored and Reig is dark black. My husband and I adopted them when we lived in Butzback, Germany. Germany is a beautiful country and we all enjoyed living there and experiencing another culture. I hope to be able to return there on vacation someday.

Me & Jericho!

I have been a volunteer with the Children's Miracle Network for the past 12 years. That may sound like a long time, but each year it gets even better! I really enjoy being able to help raise money for sick children to be able to have free treatment. I also enjoy photography. I got into it by taking hundreds of pictures of my poodles! I love taking portraits and landscapes. Below is a picture I took last year while vacationing at the Sugar Magnolia house on Cape San Blas.

my photo

I am very excited about becoming a teacher! I can not wait to get out in the classroom and make a difference in my student's lives. Some helpful teacher websites that I have found are Scholastic and  BrainPop.  Scholastic is filled with information and lesson plans and also features sections for students, teachers, parents, librarians, and administrators.  The site is also sorted by grade level which makes it easier to find the correct content. BrainPop is sorted by content area, such as science or math.  When you subscribe to BrainPop, you get access to lesson plans and tech support.

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