Let's Save Our Planet!
This TopicQuest was designed for Miss Minson's Kindergarten Class at
WG Nunn Elementary by Erin Williams, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher
You know how our parents always want us to clean up our rooms? Well, Earth Day is coming up and we need to clean up our planet too! Let's put our cleaning gloves on and find out what we can do to make Earth a better, cleaner place!

the earth
What is Earth Day? This Online Encyclopedia for kids will tell us!
respect the earth
Let's learn about the history of Earth Day!
 This web site has an article
about this special day that we can read together!
recycle emblem
Clean up your world! Play this fun game and learn how to recycle different things!
earth man
What can you do to help our planet? Linda's web site has some great tips for you and your parents!
clean up your world
Learn about Recycle City at this web site! The town was called dump city just a few years ago! Find out how this town turned itself into a cleaner place!
kids circling the globe
Join the Environmental Kids Club and help point out what is wrong in this picture! The picture shows people doing everyday things that harm the environment!
Some animals are endangered. This means that they are protected because there aren't that many of them left. Play this fun game and catch tuna fish in nets. But, don't catch the whales! They are endangered!
touching earth Here is a fun story we can read together! It is called "Litter on the Loose."
Dr. Suess wrote a book about planting trees called "The Lorax". Play this fun game and help the Lorax plant trees.
Ollie is a kid just like you! Join him as he finds out how to recycle different things!

 You have been placed in charge of making sure the people in Valdosta are doing their best to protect our planet. You will have to find out how to keep the city clean and what you can to make a difference and report it to the rest of the city. You will need to draw at least one thing that will make Valdosta a cleaner or more Earth- friendly place and write an article about it.

Mission Steps:
1. Go to the "Litter on the Loose" web site and listen to the story so that you will know why it is important to take care of litter problems.

2. Now that you understand more about litter, go to Linda's web site and learn some things that kids can do to protect the planet.

3. Now that you know a lot about keeping the planet safe, think of something you would like to report to the city of Valdosta.

4. Draw a picture of something Valdosta can do to make a difference in our world.

5. Write an article about your picture. Tell Miss Williams a fact about the picture and she will write it under your picture.
6. Give Miss Williams your picture and article so that your results can be reported to the city.

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