Just a Piggy Bank
written and illustrated by Gina and Mercer Mayer
page developed by Erin Williams

little critter holding a piggy bank

    Grandpa gave me a piggy bank so I could save my money! He gave my sister one too! Grandma gave us some money to put in it! My sister put hers in her bank right away, but I thought it would be cool to hold mine in my pocket for a while! The money was still in my pocket when my friends came by later to go to the store. I bought candy, gum, and a soda. I wanted to put the rest of my money in my bank but I only had three pennies left!
    I asked my mom for more money. She said I had to work for it! I cleaned the living room and she gave me some money. I forgot to put in in my piggy bank and I lost it!
    At the grocery store, my sister bought some trading cards with her money. I did not have any so I cried! Mom bought the cards for me but she said I would have to do chores for them! I did a lot of chores! Finally, mom said I had earned my cards. I still did not have money for my bank though. She said I could do more chores to earn more money. I worked and worked! Mom gave me some money! I went right upstairs and put it in my piggy bank! I really learned a lesson about money!

Critical Thinking Questions:
1. How would the story have been different if the boy would have put his money in the piggy bank in the beginning?
2. What do you think the lesson the boy learned is?

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