Swinging through the Seasons
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Ham's Pre-K Class
at Moulton Branch Elementary
by Erin Roberts, a Valdosta State University preservice teacher.

    Have you noticed the weather becoming cooler or that the leaves are turning their colors to red, orange and yellow?  The seasons are changing! Fall, winter, spring and summer are the four seasons that make up the year. There are so many exciting changes that take place during the seasons! Below are fun websites that will help us learn about fall, winter, spring and summer.   Let's start swinging through the seasons!

During the fall, the leaves change to different colors. Can you name a few of these colors? 
More and more leaves! During fall, leaves love to put on a show .  Have a fall ball checking out this performance. 
Bring out the turkey! Thanksgiving is a holiday in the fall season. Put on your pilgrim hat and learn about this gobbling good time! 
Winter is a cold season and the perfect  time for snow! What exactly is snow? Put on your coat and come find out! 
Christmas is a wonderful holiday that is celebrated in winter. Join  President Bush's dogs as they take you on a tour of the decorated White House!
Spring is a wonderful time to plant a garden! The rain showers and warm sunshine during this season help the plants to grow into beautiful flowers. 
Easter is a holiday that is celebrated in the spring. Coloring easter eggs and hiding them is a fun activity during this time!
Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me! It is summer time and we need to know about the sun. Well, what exactly is the sun? Put on your sunglasses and suntan lotion and find out! 
The sun is shining brightly in the season of summer. We need to go swimming to cool off. Let's have some fun and head to the beach!
No school in the summertime! Everyone needs to keep busy with fun things to do! 

Scenario Mission

You have just been chosen to guide a group of campers through the Appalachian Mountains.  Your job as the tour guide is very important because you have to help your group on their camping trip.  The season has just turned to winter and your camping group needs you to show them what kind of clothes to pack.  Remember it is winter, so help them pack the correct types of  clothes.
To help your group understand what types of clothes to pack in their suitcase, draw pictures of what they will need.  You can send them your helpful information so they will be ready for their camping trip.
Be a good tour guide and use the Winter link to search around for ideas about what happens in winter and what the weather is like.
Have a great camping trip!

Mission Steps

1.   Investigate the Winter link with your teacher to find out about what happens in winter and what the weather is like.  What kind of clothes would you pack in a suitcase to take with you in the winter? 

2.  Draw in your suitcase the types of clothes that would keep you and your camping group warm.

3.   Explain to your teacher what you drew in your suitcase and why it would be a good thing to take when you go on your winter camping trip.

4. Teacher will scan items and publish them on internet.
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