The Hat
written and illustrated by Jan Brett
designed by Erin Roberts

         This is a story about a curious little hedgehog who unfortunately gets a knitted sock tangled on his prickles.  Hedgie is very embarrassed by what has happened.  He thinks he looks very silly with a red sock on his head.  He tries very hard to get it off, but nothing works.  He tugs and pulls, but the sock will not come off.  
    Hedgie believes his animal friends are laughing at him.  To defend himself, he tells them that the sock is his warm winter hat.  Hedgie's animal friends like the idea very much.  While Hedgie tries to get the sock untangled, his friends each search for their own winter accessory to keep them warm.  Finally, Hedgie happily gets the sock untangled!  When he looks up, he sees all his animal friends running around with human clothes on! The horse has on a shirt, the chicken has on sweater, the dog has on a jacket and cat has on a scarf. He thinks they look so silly!

In the story, the animals find human items to keep them warm.  If you were a small animal, what would you find and put on to keep you warm?

What do animals have that keeps them warm during the winter?

What do we have that keeps us warm during the winter?

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