Take a Safari Adventure
Ms. Roberts' Class

    I am very excited about the next few months.  I am participating in my first field experience, and it feels like an adventure!  Everyday, I am introduced to great new ideas and concepts in the classroom.  The school I am assigned to is Moulton Branch Elementary, which is located on the perimeter of Valdosta.

    This Georgia school has a wonderful learning environment.  The teachers are always enthusiastic and very friendly.  I work and observe in one of the classes in the Pre-kindergarten program.  The students in this classroom are very excited about learning!  It has been  wonderful to be a part of their school experience.

       Every week the class learns a different color.  For each color, the class constructs a beautiful collage out of magazine cut-outs and on Fridays, everyone wears the "color of the week."  Different letters are also introduced on a weekly basis.  Students practice these letters diligently in a letter journal.  We also sing and read many books.  Two of their favorite books are The Three Little Pigs and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

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