Explore the Wonderful World of Alphabet City
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Linda's 4 year old class at Moody Air Force Child Development Center
By Nicole Harvey,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

dancing Amoving Bmoving c

         Are you having trouble learning your ABC's?  Do you already know your ABC's, but just need a little more practice? Here are some wonderful websites to help you. When all your hard work is done there is even a game that was made just for, so beware if you enter you may never want to leave.
Welcome to Alphabet City.

abc line

1.Want to learn the order of the Alphabet well here's your chance.  The fun begins now!
math board
2..Tired of the same old stuff want a litte action?  Well recieve all the action one could ask for at alphabet action.
little girl spelling cat
3. Does it seem like people are always telling  you A is for apple? Do you some times wonder why A can't be for something else?  Well here's your chance.  Come and explore the alphabet with your wonderful dinosaur friends.
Sesame street sign
4.Join Cookie Monster as he works on his letter recognition skills.

5. The encyclopedia will help us find out more about the alphabet. It will tell us the history and all different kinds of information about our alphabet.
picture ABC
6. Here in Alphabet City there is no such thing as "ALL WORK AND NO PLAY."  Since you've been working so hard it's now time for a litte fun.

Mission Activity

Imagine that you have been invited to Sesame Street for a special dinner with Cookie Monster.  Cookie Monster has his own special diet it is your responsibility as his guest to make sure he eats the right cookies for his meal.  HAVE FUN!!

Cookie Monster

Mission Steps

1. Click on the link above to begin your dinner.

2. After you have choosen the correct cookies for Cookie Monster, write down three differnt letters that Cookie Monster was able to eat.

3. Once you are finished draw a picture of at least of the 3 letters, and make sure that you also draw a picture of something that starts with that letter.

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