The Wonderful World of Learning
Designed By: Erin Harkness
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    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Learning!  My name is Erin Harkness, and I am from Atlanta, GA and hope to one day teach back home in Cobb County.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the southern hospitality provided here in Valdosta.  I am currently enrolled in the Early Childhood Education department at Valdosta State University.  I am eager to learn the insights to becoming an effective teacher, in hopes to touch the lives of many children. 
    My entire family went on a Disney Cruise last Thanksgiving (thanks to my grandma) and I fell in love with the magic of Disney all over again.  One of my favorite restaurants on the cruise is named Animator's Palate.  The restaurant is completely black and white with pictures from many Disney movies all over the walls.  The columns are shaped like HUGE paintbrushes that touch color palates on the ceiling.  During the dessert portion of dinner, paint colors flow from the brushes and onto the pictures; it is truly magical! 


I think part of being a great teacher involves the ability to laugh and remain young at heart. 

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