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This TopicQuest was Designed for Mrs. Zipperer's Kindergarten
Class at North Brooks Elementary School
By Emily Cawthon, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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Do you know why we celebrate Thanksgiving? 
What happened on the first Thanksgiving? 
These are all questions that will be answered on this web site, made just for you.  Close to 400 years ago a group of people called Pilgrims came to America from England in a huge ship called the Mayflower.  On this site you will learn all about the Pilgrims, what people wore in the 1600's, play Thanksgiving games, take a tour of the Mayflower, and much, much more.  So click on the links below,
have a wonderful Thanksgiving
 remember to always be thankful!


Thanksgiving is one of the best
times of the year so head to  this
site and play all the fun Thanksgiving games
you would like.
You can even go on
a turkey hunt.  Hope you enjoy!
Learn about the history of Thanksgiving,
all the way back to the ancient Greeks. 
Learn all the customs and how
Thanksgiving became an American tradition.

Want to learn the latest fashion in
the 1600's
?  Head to this web site
and learn all about what people
wore back then.
Want a picture time line of the voyage?
View one here, starting when
the Pilgrims first left England.

Need Thanksgiving summed up in a
jiffy.  Here is an encyclopedia link
that tells you all the important
 information fast.

Want some fun Thanksgiving crafts
to do at home or at school? 
This is a great site to learn
how to make Thanksgiving
place cards, turkeys, and lots more.
man woman
Do you think you know all there is
to know about Thanksgiving?
If you answered yes, here is
a quick quiz you can take.
runningturkey Did you know that turkeys can run
up to speeds of 25 mph? 
Did you know male turkeys are called toms,
females are called hens,
and baby turkeys are called pouts?

Find out more turkey trivia.
I know your begging for a
few more Thanksgiving games.
Take a quick trip to a site with
a few more fun games.
Teachers, do you need so awesome
Thanksgiving lesson plan ideas?
Head to this site.


redleaf Mission Activity orangeleaf

redleafCongratulation!  You and your family have just been invited to be among the 110 people to set sail across the big ocean to a magical, new land called America.  So pack your bags and get ready for a long ride full of excitement and adventure.   

orangeleaf Go ahead and put all your bags in the huge ship called the Mayflower, this will be your home for the next 65 days.  Soon you will arrive in Plymouth and start a new life in a new land with your family. 

redleafView the tours above (click on the underlined words) of the Mayflower and Plymouth and draw your family in either the boat on the way to America or in Plymouth. 
Hope you have a great trip!


Mission Steps
1. View the virtual tour of the Mayflower.

2. View the virtual tour of Plymouth.

3. Imagine you and your family took part on the journey to America on the Mayflower. 

4. Draw you and your family in the Mayflower or in Plymouth.


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