Numbers, Counting, & Colors!
 This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for
 Mrs. Baxter's Pre-K Class at Lomax Elementary School
 Designed by Erin Hall, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

count with me

counting card

Are you ready to learn how to count?  This website can help you with your numbers and counting skills!


Having problems counting? This website helps you learn how to count by using one-to-one correspondence!

number tracing

Want to learn how to write your numbers? This website can show you how to do just that!


Do you know your colors?
  Colors are wonderful! Learn yours today! This website can help you learn your colors!


Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

Congratulations! You've been chosen to help repair a broken race car! NASCAR needs your help! Matt Kenseth's race car, Number 17, lost one of it's wheels while driving yesterday. They've gotten it back into the garage safely but now they need your help to repair it. You must find an extra tire for the one that is missing and replace it.  You should draw a diagram of the race car and it's tires
and show the mechanics how they should fix it!  Remember, there should be an equal number of tires on each side of the race car. Good luck!

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

1. Go to the One-to-One Correspondence website and brush up on your counting skills.
2. Go to the NASCAR website to see what color Matt Kenseth's car is.
3. Next look at the race car worksheet the teacher has given you. Color the car the same color as Matt Kenseth's car and put his number on the side!
4. The teacher will have four wheels for each of you.
You will draw dots on your wheels. One dot on one wheel, two dots on another wheel, three dots on another wheel, and four dots on the last wheel.
5. Take those four wheels needed for the race car to run properly and glue them onto the car in the correct places. The car has numbers where the wheels should go. Match the number of dots on the wheels to the number on each wheel on your race car.
6. This is when you are going to scan your project and put it on the internet.

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