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Welcome to "The Wild Side" of Education! Let me begin by introducing myself. I am Erin Hall. I am nineteen years old and I am a junior in college. I attend Valdosta State University, majoring in Early Childhood Education in the Early Childhood & Special Education Department. I grew up in Thomasville, GA which is about forty minutes west of Valdosta. I would absolutely love to graduate from Valdosta State University and move back to Thomas County and work in the school system there. I love children and I think I can make a positive impact on their lives. I know how much I loved growing up in the Thomas County School System and it has always been a dream of mine to become a teacher and work in the place where I grew up. I want my future children to be as blessed and lucky as I was to grow up in such a wonderful learning environment!

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At Valdosta State University, I am active in the Baptist Collegiate Ministries.  I love the new friends I've made by participating in different activies they hold like Impact, Fall Conference, and the International's ski trip. I also like to be physically active. I took dance for eleven years in Thomasville before graduating and moving to Valdosta. I'm not as active with dance anymore because there isn't enough time in the day, but I still love it and have a great passion for it! I would even like to teach it as an after school job or activity when I become a teacher.

As a teacher, you need resources in order to stay creative and knowledgeable in your teaching.  There are many different websites in which teachers can visit, study and implement ideas into their classroom to keep things fresh.  The Georgia Department of Education website is a wonderful tool teachers can use to research standards and even lesson plans!  Another great page for teachers to visit would be the National Center for Early Development and Learning website.  You can read news, see research and even visit other sites!

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