Fall Fun For Everyone!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Diamond's Kindergarten Class at Lake Park Elementary School
By Evette Davis, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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Leaves,  Halloween, Thanksgiving and the beginning of school!  All the things you love about a wonderful season called Fall!  You can experience different games involving fall and fun poems to read.   And for all of you food lovers have a feast with creating desserts to share with family on some of the great holidays fall has to offer such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, and even the beginning of the school year!

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Ever wondered about the different holidays dealing with fall?  Well to answer this question visit this interesting website to find out! Visit this fun website to choose from six different fall fun games!

Want to know the story about how Halloween got its name?  Afraid to carve your own pumpkin, try this virtual website and carve safely with Virtual Pumpkin Carving!
chris columbus
Learn about the great explorer Christopher Columbus and his three famous ships!  And while you are at it sing a song about our famous explorer, or color a picture to bring it to life!
Try these different recipes celebrating fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving!
Want to learn about the pumpkin history then go to this website and brush up on your pumpkin history.
Want to learn more about fall and some of the other exciting things that come along with it!  Check out this encyclopedia site to learn more about fall!
Want to learn about the first thanksgiving feast and what was served on the menu.  Visit this site to see what the pilgrims served and did not serve at "The First Thanksgiving Meal"!!

Mission Activity
Imagine that you have traveled to the past in the year 1621 and you are at the very first Thanksgiving feast!  As a Pilgrim you are going to enjoy the first Thanksgiving feast with the rest of the Pilgrim community, but some of the things at the feast you have never seen before at a Thanksgiving dinner table! Your mission is to visit "The First Thanksgiving Meal" website and review the menu items that the Pilgrims served at their Thanksgiving feast.  Then you will need to think back and try to remember some of the things that your family makes at their Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate this wonderful holiday!  Complete your mission activity and hand it in to your teacher so they can scan your masterpiece to place on the Internet!

Mission Steps

  1.  Visit the website above about "The First Thanksgiving Meal", and review all of the menu items they served and did not serve at the feast!
  2. Take a piece of white paper and fold it in half.
  3. On the left side draw pictures at what the Pilgrims prepared at the feast and label it "past"!
  4. On the right side draw a picture of some of the things that you and your family like to eat at Thanksgiving and label it "present"!
  5. Once you are done drawing your two pictures make sure they are colored and turn it into your teacher so they can scan it and place it on the internet for everyone to enjoy!

Enjoy Your Feast!!!


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