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This page was developed for Mrs. Harper's 1st grade class
     at Parker Mathis Elementary School
       by Emily Cason, VSU Preservice Teacher.

Add numbers together to win tic-tac-toe!  This game is fun and easy!

Try and make it to the finish line by solving easy addition problems!  Add numbers correctly to get the largest sum, and your racecar will stay in the lead!

    Play this game by using addition.  Find out what the hidden picture is!

    Challenge yourself to play this concentration game by using your math skills!  Match the problem given on the left with the correct answer on the right, and you'll begin to see the smiley faces appear!

     Use your knowledge of math addition to kick a field goal in this fun game!  Line up the decimals, and then add your way to a field goal!


Number Line Addition

1. Grade Level Recommended & Description of Activity 1st Grade;
Description of Activity: Students will be adding two one-digit numbers that add up to 10 or less by using pieces of M&M's candy.  The addition will be reinforced by allowing the students to play Tic-Tac-Toe Addition on the Internet.
2. Approximate Time of Activity  Activity can be completed in 30 to 45 minutes.
3. Math Concept Addition
4. Objective of Activity and Lesson Students will be able to add two one-digit numbers that add up to 10 or less by using 
M & M's.
5. QCC Standard for State of Georgia Grade 1; Mathematics; Strand: Whole Number Computation; Estimation; Whole Number Operations #40 Standard: Adds and subtracts 2-digit whole numbers without regrouping vertically and horizontally (rewrite vertically); Topic: Algebra; # 41 Standard: Uses appropriate mathematical symbols (+,-,=); #42 Standard: Uses concrete objects to explore the commutative property of addition; #44 Standard: Relates addition and subtraction to words, pictures, and concrete models, particularly sums and differences to 18 and related differences, and multiples of ten. 
6. Mathematic NCTM Standard Grade 1: Standard 7 - Concepts of Whole Number Operations
7. Internet Link to Web Site Connection This activity goes with Web site, Tic-Tac-Toe Squares.
8. Activity Sequence: Link to lesson plan for activity See lesson plan for this activity


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