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Emily Cason's Web Page!
Hello.  My name is Emily Cason.  I am an Early Childhood Education major at Valdosta State University.  The reason I chose this field as my major is because I really enjoy being with children.  I think that I could make learning fun, and that is what I want to do one day.  The one person that influenced me the most to become a teacher was my third grade teacher, Mrs. Marchant.  She made learning fun and interesting.  I enjoyed going to school everyday.  She also treated everyone the same, which I think is very important in a classroom.  In the future, I intend to be either teaching kindergarten or couseling young children in an elementary school.
     Fun and Eucational Websites
 Websites for elementary school children such as Disney, The Magic School Bus, and Reading Rainbow. 
The Magic School Bus:  Inside the Earth
This is my picture I painted of the book written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen.
Education in the Future:  A Shifting Paradigm
This article is about the many technological changes that will take place in the new millenium.
Around the World Weather and Facts 
This site contains information about Sydney, Australia and Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Software Reviews and Activities
Software reviews and activities for Math and Geometry.
Exploring the Home of Pokemon!
Interesting and educational links with activities that are related to Japan.
Teachers Suggest New Math Standards
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics set new math standards for K-12.  Various people offer their opinions about the new standards. 
My Own String
Lesson plan for estimating using various sizes of string.
A+ Addition
Fun games and activites for 1st grade math students.
Electronic Portfolio
This is a page that links to all of my websites and information from early childhood courses.
Making "Cents" of Money
This page is a unit on money that consists of three lesson plans, 5 teacher websites, and 3 student websites.
Explore the country of Madagascar in this social studies unit.  Here, you will learn how to  locate places on a map, learn about folktales, and even learn about pirates!