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Hello, my name is Ebony Michelle Gaubault and I currently attend Valdosta State University. I was accepted into the Early Childhood and Special Education Program Spring '09 and I am aspiring to become a third grade teacher. I recently married on July 2nd, 2008, and we now have a seven month old daughter named Taliyah Marie Gaubault. I am exciting about becoming an educator and knowing that I am going to have the ability to change lives.

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I have worked with kids from many different backgrounds. I worked at a summer camp for three years. I love working with kids of all ages. During camp I used my creative ability to come up with various activities to keep the children engaged. I also worked at Mildred Hunter Community center collaborating with the center's assistant with many different educational prograns. Mildred Hunter Community center is a part of Lowndes Parks and Recreation. Some of the following programs were Learning for Success, Teen Scene, and we had a reading program. The reading program was instructed by myself as well as Gary Boling, the Valdosta High School's Principal.

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I love having fun with everything thing I do. I like to sit at home and scrapbook with pictures of my family. I like to keep the memories so I put them in a scrapbook and put the titles of all the photos and the memories that may have come with that particular photo. I also have a newborn so I am busy everyday updated her baby book. Here is a website about Scrapbooking in case you may be interested in making your own.

There are many different websites that are available for teachers on the web. Education World is a wonderful site that has many different sections. Education World offers lesson plan ideas as well as tech integration ideas and also a marketplace where you can buy various materials you may need for your classroom. Another site is The Teacher's Corner which offers even more information. Teacher's Corner actually has the lesson plans broken up into specific categories as well as which content area you are looking for. They also have a teacher's lounge in which they offer daily did you know statements. These are both great website for teachers who are looking for other resources to use.

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