This Topic Quest was designed for Miss Whelchel's Kindergarten class at Sallas Mahone Elemantary School
by Elexis Wade, a Valdosta State University Pre-Service Teacher


Seasons are so wonderful! Who does not get excited when warmer weather occurs and we can go to the beach. What about the chiller weather and the possibility of snow? How fun it is to have seasons. This web site is here to help you learn more and, of course, to have FUN with the seasons Also, learn why they occur, and even holiday ideas you can use with each season. Hope you have fun!

1.How come the weather changes about every three months? Changing of the weather creates the seasons such as fall, winter, spring, and summer. This change is due to the tilt of the earth on its axis. Enjoy and learn more about the seasons with this educational web site.


2.Fall is the time for cooler weather and falling leaves. However some of the leaves change from the color green to brown, red, and even orange. Learn more about the changing of the leaves and why they only change colors in fall.


3.April showers bring May flowers. Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings and new growth. Learn more about the beauty that spring brings to everyone's life. This site is full of learning and fun. It also includes a Springtime scavenger hunt.


4.Snow is falling down, down, down. The ground goes from green to white. During Winter, the weather gets colder and it begins to snow. How come snow falls only in winter? Why is snow white? Learn more about snow .


5.Summer is the time for warm weather and going on vacation. During summer, you also get out for school to just have FUN! Sometimes, many people get bored during the summer and have nothing to do. Find some summer fun and lots of  games here so you will never get bored.


6. Winter is the perfect time for colder weather and holidays, such as Christmas. Do you want some fun activities to do during Christmas. Have fun seeing Santa on the internet.

7.During the season of fall there is a holiday celebrated called Thanksgiving. Turkeys are a main feast at thanksgiving. Have fun while you help a turkey escape from a mean chef with this fun game.


8. Easter is a holiday that is part of the spring season. Have you ever wondered what types of items are associated with Easter? Have fun coloring these pages and learning about Easter.


9. Seasons occur four times during the year. Learn from the experts why it is only cold in winter. Or why new life begins in the spring. This may be educational, but it will make you so smart.

10. Have you ever wondered why we celebrate on the Fourth of July? This day is also known as Independance Day. Go here to color pages that will help you learn about why there are 50 stars on the flag, or even why there are only 13 stripes!

Mission Statement

The seasons consist of spring, summer, fall and winter. With each new season the weather is changing. However, each season is unique in its own certain way. You have been assigned as your class's weather investogator. This is a big responsibility. This job means that anytime the weather changes, you have to tell the class what season is occuring. On this particular day, you notice that the weather is very cold and unusual white things are falling from the ground and making the ground turn white. Since you live in South Georgia, you are not used to seeing these white things. You figure out that this white stuff is known as snow, and each particular piece of snow is called a snowflake. Your classmates do not even know what a snowflake is or that each particular one has a different design. Your mission, if you accept, is to cut out a particular design of a snowflake, and in your best words, explain why snowflakes form.

Steps to Include:

1. You will need to visit the snow web site to see how snow is formed. This also will help you in creating your own particular snowflake for everyone to see. (Your teacher can read this information to you)

2.  Using your white sheet of paper, you will cut out your own personal snowflake and glue it to the construction paper provided.

3. Next, you will write a brief description of how your snow flake was created using the web site provided. (If  you need help writing, your teacher will be glad to help.)

4. You will explain to your classmates how snow flakes are formed.

5.  Your beautiful pictures will be published on the Internet.

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