Titus's Troublesome Tooth!
By: Linda Jennings and Gwyneth Williamson
Paint Picture and Story Designed by Elexis Wade


Titus is such a happy goat. he eats anything he wants. he eats the flowers in the garden. titus Even eats the clothes on the laundry line. It seems like there is nothing that titus did not enjoy.

one day, however, titus wakes up with a terrible tooth ache. He does not want to eat anything. the other farm animals wonder what is wrong with him. he goes to see each farm animal. the chicken says " let me pull it out!" titus becomes scared and runs to the cow. the cow says "i can pull your tooth." titus runs away to talk to the duck. the duck says "you have to go to the vet to get that tooth pulled." titus became so frightned.

the vet, titus thought, was a very scary person. the vet hurt him. the vet would pull his tooth out. as titus began to think about the vet, he began to run through the barn yard.  as titus was running, he tripped over something and his tooth came out. from that point on, titus never had a problem with his tooth again.


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