...Say Cheese!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Barber's Kindergarten class at W.G. Nunn Elementary School By Erin Ray,a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


SMILE!  It makes you happy!  Everyone should smile.  Have you ever wondered why some people don't smile?  Could it be because they don't have teeth?  Or maybe their teeth just aren't very pretty. Maybe they didn't take good care of their teeth when they were in Kindergarten like you.  I have made a website designed just for you so that you can learn how to take good care of your teeth.  Don't you want to be able to smile forever?  Now, if you follow  these helpful hints you won't have to frown, you can SMILE!

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Garfield is a fun loving pal.  But he always makes time to clean his teeth. He wants to give you a couple of tips on how to keep your teeth clean. He might even want to play a game or two with you.  Check this site out to find out!

Do you like to play games? Will you help Dr. Rabbit battle the evil plaque monster?  While you help him fight you will be learning how to keep your teeth from getting invaded by the plaque monster too!

Do you know your teeth?  Can you tell me which part is the crown and which part is the enamel?  Do you what the different parts of the teeth do? Check out this site and find out!

Find out about cavities, prevention and going to the dentist. This site even has fun experiments to do too.  Visit this site and learn all that you can do to keep your teeth healthy.

Dr. Todd is a health professional that wants to teach you all about the transition from baby teeth to adult teeth.  Adult teeth are very important just like your baby teeth.  Let's learn about how we can keep both sets healthy.

Calling all kids! This site doesn't just teach you about your teeth, it teaches you about your whole body!  I know kids have lots of questions, go here and get them answered.

Sometimes we need to see picutes to really understand.   Here are some awful pictures of teeth that weren't taken care of through the years.  Make sure that your teeth don't end up like this...start now!

Welcome to Sparkle City where everyone has a beautiful smile.  Let's help battle cavities and leave a message letting  them know how much we enjoyed the fight.

We all can use some tips on brushing and flossing.  Here is a wonderful place to get them.  This site also has some fun trivia.  Are you as wise as you think?

This cool site not only tells us how to keep our teeth healthy, it shows us with some fun animation. You even get to see real kids brushing their teeth just like you!

Sometimes we don't quite understand things. Maybe we need to look them up in an encyclopedia.  Here's one that is easy to use and a great big help too.

     Mission Project  
Now that we have learned so much about keeping our teeth healthy, I have a favor to ask of you.  I want you to be my Dentist for a day.  Let's pretend that I have never been to the dentist.  Will you please show me how to brush and floss my teeth. I need to know why I should do these things.  What will happen if I don't?  Can I just eat candy and brush my teeth and be okay?  I don't know anything about keeping my teeth healthy.  Please help me?  Maybe visiting this web site https://commerce.jbutler.com/kidsstuff_page.asp  will help you, help me.

Mission Steps
You are my dentist today.  I have never been to the dentist.
 I need you to show me how to take care of my teeth.

----First, draw me a picture of  how my teeth will look
if I do not brush and floss them daily.
What do I need to do to keep my teeth shiny, white and healthy?
----Now, I've heard that I don't need to eat alot of candy because it will give me cavities.  What kinds of foods should I eat? Please fix me a plate of food to eat. I need to eat things that will keep my teeth healthy.

Now that you have completed your mission, I am going to take your pictures with me and put them on the Internet for everyone to see.  Maybe they will help some other kids your age learn how to take care of their teeth too.

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