Oh My Baby, Little One
Author:  Kathi Appelt
Illustrator:   Jane Dyer
Page Designed by:  Erin Ray

This is a wonderfully written story.  I first discovered it when I was checking out books to read to my babies.    The book was so cute and endearing to me, that I immmediately went searching for it and bought it. It has become a nightly routine with us now.  It has gorgeous pictures that my son enjoys.  Sometimes we just admire and point out objects in the pictures. My other son just enjoys the rhythm of my voice when I read it and looking at the brightly colored illustrations.

In this story, a mother leaves her "little one" at school and she travels to her daily job.  The "little one" is upset and she explains to him that her love is always with him, even when she is away from him.  She describes his entire day at school, starting with morning music, including nap and reading time, and then when she picks the "little one" up at the end of the day.  She explains to him where the love may be hiding during each of the activites.  For example, she says it hides on his pillow during nap time and in his lap at reading time.  She also tells him that the love he feels for her goes with her too. 

I think that this book reminds me of my every day struggle to leave my babies and go to school without them.  That is one reason I love the book so dearly. My drawing does not even begin to do justice to the book.

Critical Thinking Questions
1.  The book tells of places that love stays, such as your pocket. 
     Where do you think love stays when you are at school?
2.  What advice would you give your mommy when she feels lonely?

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