Thanksgiving Fun
This Topicquest was designed for Mrs. Camon's Pre-K class at Valdosta Community Day Care Center
by Erin O'Hagan, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

turkey 1

Thanksgiving is a time for family fun and spending time together! When was the first Thanksgiving and why do we celebrate it?  Who were the first people to celebrate Thanksgiving? What kinds of food do we enjoy during Thanksgiving time?

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What is Thanksgiving? Read the encyclopedia definition of Thanksgiving to better understand it.
What really happened at the first Thanksgiving? Do we really have the right story? Let's learn about some of the most common myths about Thanksgiving.
The Pilgrams and Indians ate the first Thanksgiving dinner together. Let's do an art project and make pilgram hats that we can wear to our Thanksgiving dinner at home.
What kinds of foods were served at the first Thanksgiving? What does a typically Thanksgiving meal consist of?
Let's take a fun and exciting Thanksgiving quiz to help us learn some fun facts about the holiday. Click on the image to take the quiz.
What did the pilgrams wear to the first Thanksgiving feast. Lets find out. Try to imagin you and your family sitting around at the dinner table in the types of clothes!


Mission Activity
Today we are going to learn about the first Thanksgiving meal. We will learn who was at the first meal and what kinds of food they ate at the first meal, Thanksgiving meal. We will then create our very own menu for Thanksgiving and have a feast of our own. We will learn when and where the first Thanksgiving dinner took place, and talk about our own memories of our first Thanksgiving meal.

Mission Steps

1. Lets discuss what was served at the first Thanksgiving meal.
2. Now we are going to put together our very own Thanksgiving menu.
3.On a blank menu, we will add our menu items onto the blank menu I have already created.
4. I will add the items on the menu that the students dictate to me.
5. Included with our menu, we will draw pictures of the types of food we put on our menu.

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