Little Quack
By: Laura Thompson
Picture and Story Designes by Erin O'Hagan

picture of little quack

                                   Mama duck had five little chicks, Widdle, Waddle, Piddle, Puddle, and Little Quack,                            who all lived in a nice warm nest. One day Mother duck said "Its time to leave the                            nest", and all of the little chicks got scared.

                       "Come on chicks" she yelled. But no one wanted to get into the water.  At once                                 Widdle felt brave and was the first to jump into the pond, and left the others
                        behind in the nest alone.

                        Next, Waddle splashed into the water, then in went Piddle and Puddle leaving scared                         Little Quack behind. With everyone in the water, the little chicks yelled for Little                            Quack to jump in and what do you think LIttle Quack does?

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