Be Thankful for Thanksgiving!

This topic quest was designed for Miss Campbell's Kindergarten Class at Lomax Pinvale Elemntary School
by Ellesha Johnson, a Valdosta State University preservice teacher



Have you ever wondered where the idea of Thanksgiving came from? Why do we have to eat turkey for Thankgiving? Why is it called Thanksgiving? What exactly is a Pilgram and an Indian? And what does the Mayflower have to do with Thanksgiving? You can learn fun facts about the story behind Thanksgiving on these great websites listed below. Just one click and you're on your way to a peaceful voyage on the Mayflower to join hands with Pilgrams and Indians for a Thankful Thanksgiving!


corn has the actual history of the first Thanksgiving and its celebrations.  Go on take a look at what you didn't know about Thanksgiving! It is  a very cool website to browse! You can find out some important things, you may need to know about Thanksgiving, like why do we celebrate it?
To find out some interesting facts and history about the first voyage on the Mayflower, go to this cool website.  Just click on the word Mayflower and your just seconds away from meeting the crew!!! Have Fun!!!
The truth about Thanksgiving is a website where you can find out about the Wapanoag Indians and their events on this special day. These are some of the Indians who attended the first Thanksgiving along with the Pilgrims. The contributions they made to Thanksgiving are very interesting and cool!!! Go ahead, take a broad look at the truth about Thanksgiving! There are a lot of myths about this holiday, so you should find out the real truth!!!
Kids Domain is a fun place to go to find some games, puzzels, clip art, and coloring pages. There is a lot of information on Pilgrims and Indians. You can print some fun worksheets to color, paint and cut out. You can also read the many different poems and stories about turkeys. Funny!!! For a more detailed explaination of what a Pilgram, Indian, and turkey is, click on encyclopedia.
Take a turkey tour!! Go to The holiday spot to explore the history of the turkey!! Also you can click on the night net to play some cool games, find out some answers to your questions about turkeys, and color a huge turkey!!! You can also go on a turkey hunt! Now let's go get us some turkey! Happy hunting!!!!
To find out about the first Thanksgiving dinner ever and see what the Pilgrams and Indians ate on that day, click on The Pilgrams' 1621 Thanksgiving!!! You can view the kinds of foods that the Indians and Pilgrams prepared for their feast.  This website also tells you about the Thanksgiving procalamation. Did you know that the Thanksgiving holiday was set by President Franklin D. Roosevelt?? I sure didn't !!! Kid's you can also use the All Recipes for Thanksgiving website to find some different foods to cook with your mom. Yummy!!! Have fun!!!

Mission Activity
Be a Pilgrim

Hey Guys and Gals!!!!

Pretend that you are a Pilgram and you have invitied the Wapanoag Indians to your Thanksgiving feast. You have to cook a big Thanksgiving meal for all the Indians and your Pilgrim family!! But you don't know what the Indians like to eat because this is really your first time meeting them and they speak a different language. How would you talk to them about what you plan to cook? Maybe have some of the indians give you a hand with the cooking!! You must find a specific recipe that everyone will like and find out how to cook that recipe.

Mission Steps

1. Go to The Pilgrims' 1621 Thanksgiving and recipes for Thanksgiving website to find out what the Indians and Pilgrams might like to eat. Write down some of the foods that sound great to your belly and may entice the Indians appetite!!!!

2. Write a plan with your teacher on how you will tell the Indians what you chose to cook, maybe draw a picture of the food and show it to them.

3. The Indians approved, now you can start cooking up a storm with your recipe, draw and color a picture of you and the indians cooking together.

4. Then draw and color a picture of you and the Indians serving the food to your family and theirs at a big table with lots of decorations and other foods!!! Write two or three sentences about your picture. Share your pictures and ideas to your teacher and the rest of the class when you sit in the author's chair like we do for writer's workshop!!!

Good Job!!!
 Everyone is pleased with the good Thanksgiving Feast !!!

Gobble!!! Gobble!!!

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