Paddington Bear
Author Michael Bond & Fred Banbery
Page Designed by Emma Chapman

Paddington Bear

    Paddington Bear is written by Michael Bond & Fred Banbery.  Paddington recieved his name due to the fact that his aunt left him at Paddington Airport with an old suitcase and a sign tied around his nect that read "Please look after this bear.  Thank You."  Mrs.  Brown spotted the bear in the airport and went over to check on the bear.  Mr.  Brown called him Paddington because of where the couple found him.
    Mr. Brown took Paddington to the cafeteria in the airport, while Mrs. Brown met her daughter at luggage.  Paddington was so hungry that he ate so fast he got his meal all over him.  After Paddington was rushed out of the airport by the Brown's embrassment, the Brown's took Paddington back home with them.
    The Brown's two kids helped Paddington unpack and to start a hot bath.  Paddington got so carried away with the bath that the water had started to over flow.  The two kids noticed a water spot on the ceiling and rushed to check on Paddington.  The kids saved Paddington from the overflowing tub and helped dry him off.  Later,  Paddington made himself right at home in a armchair for a nice nap.
1.  What would you have done if you had been left at the airport?
2.  What would you have done if you were the Brown's?
3.  What would you have done if you were Paddington, so that you wouldn't be such a burden to the Brown's?

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