Fall Into Math
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for
Mrs. Kim Mullis' Kindergarten Class at Pearson Elementatary School Designed By Erica Vazquez, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


falling leaves
Can you count out loud how many leaves you catch into your basket that fall from the trees? The Funschool website demonstrates that leaves fall off the trees during the Fall season, and the students must count to see how many they can catch. It also demonstrates that leaves turn different colors during the fall.
leaves Do you know why leaves change colors? This website has a mini-video clip on why leaves change their colors.
 How many different color pumpkins are there in the picture? The Meddybemps website will allow you to group the pumpkins by color and find the total number.
jack o lantern
Do you know why pumpkins are commonly called Jack O' Lanterns? The History of Halloween  website will tell you exactly where it came from. Can you match up all the pumpkins by color in groups of 3? The Halloween website contains an interactive game that tests your skills at matching.


Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

        You have been transported to a magical forest that has many trees. The wizard of the forest is very tired and has selected you to be the new wizard of The Never-Ending Forest for a day. The wizard explains to you that it is a privilege to be able to be the wizard and enter his forest for no mortal has ever seen it. The wizard explains to you that your main duty is to change all the trees from their spring colors to their  fall colors. You ask him what colors the trees need to be.The wizard says, "That is the knowledge you must gain and the reason I have transported you here."

        In order to gain the knowlege you must learn to leave The Never-Ending Forest you must visit the website and find out exactly why leaves change colors. Next you must visit the Funschool website to observe the different colors of leaves and take notes of the different colors that fall. You must also count how many leaves you catch in a basket in order to find out how many leaves fall from the trees that you observe.

       Go to the Spring trees that the teacher has made and add the different Fall leaves in order to show that you know what a tree looks like during the Fall. After you have added enough leaves to the card board tree you must count how many leaves you placed on the tree. Now that you have completed the activity the wizard will let you leave The Never-Ending Forest after you draw a picture of a tree with large Fall leaves on it using the correct colors.Then you must write the number of leaves you draw under the picture and be able to name characteristics of Fall.

Steps To Complete Real World Activity
        1. Visit the Maine website and the Funschool website and browse around.
       2. Now go to the card board tree that your teacher has placed by your table and place             the cut out leaves where they should go in order to show what a tree looks like during             the Fall.
       3. Next, count how many leaves you placed on the tree.
       4. Draw a picture of a large Fall tree and when you are finished label how many large             leaves you draw on it.

        5. Also when your teacher asks you about your drawing be able to tell him or her a few             characteristics about Fall.


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