~*Critters for Education*~
Designed by Erica Vazquez

        Hello! Welcome to "Critters for Education,"  where all learners are welcome. I am Erica Vazquez. I am twenty years old and very short for my age. I have a cat named Simba and a pikapoo named Honey. I am a junior at Valdosta State University, majoring in Early Childhood & Special Education Department. I absolutely adore children and  love being the one to help them learn something new. I sometimes prefer the company of small children because one can always be quite surprised by what a child will say.
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       I enjoy reading in my spare time, especially Greek mythology. My favorite Greek tragedy is Oedipus. My second favorite is Medea. I find it amazing how classic human nature can repeat itself over numerous centuries. I plan on visiting Greece and traveling abroad after I graduate from college. I believe everyone should travel the world and see where democracy first took shape. I also plan to visit Israel and visit the root of where the three major religions formed (Jewish, Christianity, and Muslim.)  I would love to be able to simply touch the Dome of the Rock and actually stand in a place where the history is so rich. I am really interested in history. In fact my favorite cable channel is about history. I believe that people do not know where they are going unless they know where they have been. 
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       Another one of my hobbies is dancing. I simply love music and love to dance. I feel that through education children can learn best when exposed to the many types of arts.  I also love lady bugs and cute animals because, just like children, even though they are small they are significant.

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       I feel that I will be a great teacher because I have had many wonderful teachers.  I know that with help and much effort I can achieve many great accomplishments both in and outside the class room . However, I find comfort in knowing that there are many interesting and helpful websites that allow teachers incites into new ideas and many great lesson plans. Apples for the teacher is  one of my favorite websites that contains many creative art ideas. The website is great for children because there are games and puzzles that they can play. Another very helpful classroom tool is the scholastic website for teachers. This website contains many wonderful resources and activities for grades k-5. A few other wonderful teacher resource websites include the Georgia Standards, The Teachers Corner, Education World.

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