Goods and Services
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Greene's Kindergarten Grade Class
at Clyattville Elementary School
Designed By Erin Duede,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Do you know what goods and services are? Let's learn and then play a game!
Do you know the difference between goods and services? Let's see if you can match up the goods on this link to their descriptons!
Why is it important to classify items as goods or services? This website gives us examples as it takes us through the four seasons!
What are some jobs people have that are of service to us? Click on this link to find out!

Pretend you are a cook.  You just recieved a phone call from Mrs. Brown who is throwing a birthday party for her daughter.  She has asked you to bake her daughter a pretty birthday cake. 
This means as the cook, you will be providing a service to Mrs. Brown.  Mrs. Brown said we could draw her daughter a cake instead.  What are some goods you will need to use as the cook? Use the website to help give you ideas. You better get started!  Mrs. Brown said you only have ONE day to draw her cake!!
Follow these steps!
1. Go to the website to help give you ideas of what goods you will need to bake your pretend cake. 
2. Draw a picture of the cake you decided to made for Mrs. Brown. The title of your drawing will be the service you are providing.
3. Next, to identify the goods, draw the baking utensils you used as the cook and label them goods or services.
4. When you are finished, turn your picture in to the teacher.
5. Your teacher is going to put your drawing on the Internet, so make sure you do your best work!


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