Thank You for Thanksgiving!
This TopicQuest page was designed for Mrs.Thomas' kindergarten class at Moulton Branch Elementary by Emilia Phillips,a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

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What do you know about Thanksgiving? Do you know how Thanksgiving started? What do you like best about Thanksgiving? What is one thing your family does at Thanksgiving that is unique? You will be able to answer these questions and maybe even began some traditions of your own after looking at some of the awesome links below!

happy turkey
Click on this happy turkey to read about Thanksgiving. This site will give you information about how it began and how Thanksgiving became a national holiday. Read carefully, there's a quiz!
Learn about a day in the life of a Pilgrim and also learn some Wampanoag history. Become a historian and take a trip back in time to learn all about life in 1621. Click on the picture to your left.
Click on Marcy and Matthew to read their fun Thanksgiving story. Can you create an interesting story about Thanksgiving using words and pictures?
a pilgrim's house
Click on the house to the left and read about the houses that the Pilgrims lived in. You can also read about the wetus the Wampanoags used to live in.
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Do  you have any idea what the Pilgrims ate at the very first Thanksgiving? Do you think we eat the same things now that they ate then? Click on the picture on your left and find out!
When was the first national Thanksgiving Day and who proclaimed it? Click on the books to get your answers from an online encyclopedia.

    Let's pretend! Imagine that you are a Pilgrim. You will be celebrating the very first Thanksgiving, but there's a catch! You are the best cook in the area and people come from miles around to eat some of your good home cooking. Because your food is so tasty, not only will you be celebrating the first Thanksgiving, you are the head chef! Go to the  National kids page and research all the foods the Pilgrims had access to at that time. After you have finished, cut pictures of the foods you want out of an old magazine. Once you're done paste all your food pictures to a paper plate. Remember, this dinner will be duplicated for years to come!

Mission Steps:
1. Click on National kids page and research all the foods the Pilgrims had access to at that time.
2. Cut out pictures of food from an old magazine.
3. Paste pictures of each food you plan to serve on one paper plate.

4. Be creative and HAVE FUN!!!

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