Giving Thanks
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Killgo's Kindergarten Class at Moulton Branch Elementary School
By Emily Hunt, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Thanksgiving is a holiday when we spend time with our family and eat lots of turkey! Yummy!  It is also a day when we can express thanks for our many blessings.  Thanksgiving began many years ago with pilgrims and Indians. This site will teach you  many interesting facts about the history of Thanksgiving. Let get ready to find out all about why we celebrate Thanksgiving Day!

topic page

topic page  Learn more about the Pilgrims and what they ate for their first Thanksgiving meal by taking a virtual tour at the Plimouth Plantation. You will also learn many historical facts.                                                                                                                                              
In October many people carve pumpkins. Would you like to create your own pumpkin online? Visit Country Graphics and you can create your own jack-0-laterns online.
Have some fun on Thanksgiving. Find some creative activities you can make for Thanksgiving.
Do you know who Native Americans are? Go to this link and find out all about Native Americans.
You can learn all about celebrating Thanksgiving in America on this site.
The Mayflower was the ship that brought Pilgrims to America. You can learn many important facts about the passengers, ship, and the voyage.

Scenario Mission

Lets pretend we are a chef for the day!  We have learned all about Thanksgiving today. Now that you have learned what the Pilgrims ate on their first Thanksgiving meal, we are going to cook our very own meal. So lets get ready to be a chef and start cooking!

How to complete our mission


1. We are first going to review what the Pilgrims ate on their first Thanksgiving.

2. Now that you know what we must cook lets get started.
3. We are going to draw our Thanksgiving meal on a paper plate. Make sure you draw several pictures of different foods.
4. Take your time and draw a real pretty picture of your dishes. The teacher will then label your pictures.
5. Once you have finished we are going to share with the class what we made.




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