Personalities - what I've found out about me

Before I get started, this is not my field of expertise. It is a curiousity to me and as such, I've looked into it. After doing a little browsing I came to a "The Keirsey Temperament Sorter". I took the test and here are the results:

Keirsey Character Sorter Results

Any Personality questionaire, including the Sorter is just a rough indicator of temperament.
You might want look at different temperament descriptions in Please Understand Me, to verify the results and learn about other types of people for comparision.

Your Temperament is Rational : NT
Your variant temperament is Mastermind : INTJ
Details of questionnaire:

This means that: I am Introverted; I use iNtuition more often than not; I Think more more often than Feel; and Judge more often than Perceive.

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