Edward D. Walker II, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vita


PhD Production/Operations Management, University of Georgia, 1998

MBA Finance, Auburn University, 1989

BS Business Administration & Applied Math (Physics), Presbyterian College, 1986


2004 to present: Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Valdosta State University, Taught Production & Operations Management, and Advanced Production Techniques

1997 to 2004: Assistant Professor, Department of Finance & Quantitative Methods, Georgia Southern University, Graduate Faculty member, Taught Operations Management, Quality Management, Operations Strategy, Introduction to Computers, Decision Sciences, Business Planning, and Business Simulation

1993 to 1997: Graduate Assistant, Department of Management, University of Georgia, Taught Operations Management, Quality Management, Introduction to Computers, Introduction to MIS, and Organizational Behavior

1992 to 1992: Part-time Instructor, Georgia Military College, Taught Accounting I, Microeconomics, and Introduction to Management

1992 to 1993: Part-time Instructor, Georgia College & State University, Taught Operations Management, Human Resources Management, and remedial mathematics


1989 to 1992: Investex, Ltd.

    1991 to 1992: Production Control and MRP Manager, Full responsibility for all purchasing planning and production scheduling as well as for MRP maintenance and data entry.

    1990 to 1991: MRP Project Manager, Spearheaded implementation of Manufacturing Resources Planning theory and database generation for two of the company's subsidiaries. Developed all job descriptions created by the project and developed a 243-page manual to aid training personnel in the use of MRP, Kanban, and the specific software.

    1990 to 1992: MIS Manager, Supervised the expansion of local computer system from a single machine to a 12 node Novell LAN linked to the home office via modem. Created course outlines and instructed employees in the application of all software packages used within the plant.

    1990 to 1990: Cost and Methods Engineer, Time study and methods engineering as well as Bill of Materials and Routing generation and product costing for each of the three manufacturing plants.

    1989 to 1990: Assistant Plant Manager, Assisted in production scheduling and purchasing planning for 80 employee subsidiary.

1986 to 1988: Georgia's King Catfish, Plant Manager, Full responsibility for production scheduling, purchasing planning, and personnel management. Developed employee disciplinary code and vacation policy. Headed plant re-design project which resulted in a 120% increase in production efficiency to a level 50% above industry averages.


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Other Publications

Walker II, Edward D.,"Planning and Controlling Multiple, Simultaneous, Independent Projects in a Resource Constrained Environment", Dissertation Abstracts International, June, 1998, 1-259.

Walker II, Edward D.,"Identifying the Critical Chain in a Single Project: An Introduction to Critical Chain Project Management", APICS web-published newsletter.electronic. http://members.apics.org/SIGs/: SIG Synergy, Fall, 2001

Presentations at Professional Meetings (Not Published)

Walker II, Edward D., "Using TOC Thinking Process Tools to Identify Problems and Implement Solutions", Institute of Industrial Engineers - Athens Chapter, Athens, GA, March, 1997.

Walker II, Edward D., "The TOC Thinking Process: Identifying Problems, Analyzing Alternatives, and Implementing Solutions", Georgia Manufacturers Appreciation Week, Athens, GA, April, 1997.

Walker II, Edward D., "Quality and Industrial Stores Management", Industrial Stores Managers Association, Athens, GA, April, 1997

Walker II, Edward D., and James F. Cox III, "Generic Air Lines Reservation Sales Office: Comparing Theory of Constraints and Traditional Decision-Making", International Society for Systems Improvement, Cherry Hill, NJ, September, 1995.

Papers under Review

Walker II, Edward D., and James F. Cox III, "Structuring Problems: A White Collar Example", Journal of Human Systems Management

Walker II, Edward D., and James F. Cox III, "Analyzing the theory and practice of project management", International Journal of Operations and Production Management

Walker II, Edward D., "Multiple Projects: A Comparison of Critical Chain-Based and PERT/CPM-Based Project Schedules", Journal of Operations Management

  Classes taught

Valdosta State University
    MGNT 3300, Production & Operations Management
    MBA 7300, Advance Production Techniques

Georgia Southern University
    BUSA 4110, The Business Plan
    BUSA 4112, Business Simulation
    CIS 251, Introduction to Computer Information
    CISM 2130, Introduction to Computers
    MGNT 3430, Operations Management
    MGNT 4434, Operations Strategy
    MGNT 4435, Quality Management
    MGNT 6321, Production/Operations
    MGNT 7322, Management of Operations for Competitive Advantage
    MGT 355, Quantitative Analysis
    MGT 361, Operations Management
    MGT 527, Quality Management
Georgia. Military College
    Introduction to Management
    Principles of Accounting I
    Micro Economics
Georgia College & State University
    Developmental Mathematics I
    Human Resources Management
    Production & Operations Management
University of Georgia
    Administration & Organizational Behavior
    Quality Management
    Production/Operations Management
    Introduction to Microcomputers and MIS
    Introduction to Management Information Systems
    Introduction to Computers & Information Systems


Advised approximately 45 Pre-Business and Management/IS&L majors, 1997-2004


I attended a weekly, large-class teaching seminar organized and administered by Georgia Southern's Center for Excellence in Teaching., Fall 1998

I was asked to make a presentation at the Center for Excellence in Teaching to showcase the use of the web and class web sites in teaching., Spring 1999

The Operations Management faculty met on a weekly basis to discuss and share effective teaching tools., 1999 - 2004

Teaching Awards

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award, Awarded to top 10% of GTAs annually, Graduate School, University of Georgia 1996

Doctoral Student Award for Excellence in Teaching, Awarded annually to the top GTA in the department, Department of Management, University of Georgia 1996



Valdosta State University
    none to date
    member, Ethics Assessment of Learning Committee, 2004 - present
    none to date
Georgia Southern University
    member, Honors Committee, 2000 - 2004
    Chair, Honors Committee, 2001 - 2004
    Alternate, Faculty Grievance Committee, 2001 - 2004
    member, University Tutoring Committee, 1998 - 2002
    Alternate, Faculty Senate, 1999 - 2000
    member, Governance Committee, 2000 - 2003
    member, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 2000 - 2002
    Chair, Tutoring Committee, 1998 - 2002
    member, Scholarship Committee, 2000-2003
    member, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 2002
    member, Introduction to Business textbook selection committee, 2001
    member, SAP Curriculum Development Committee, 1999 - 2001
    Directed study in advanced operations management for Office of Graduate Studies 2000
    member, Search Committee for W. H. Freeman Chair of Free Enterprise, 1999 - 2000
    member, School of Information Technology White Paper Committee, 2000
    member, Curriculum Committee, 1998 - 2002
    coordinator, Statistics and Quantitative Analysis tutors, 1998 - 2002
    member, External Affairs Committee, 1999 - 2001
    Chair, Honors Committee, 2000 - 2001
    Coordinator, Department of Management - A Day for Southern, 1999
    member, Search Committee, Quantitative Analysis faculty position, 1998 - 1999
    member, Quantitative Analysis Curriculum Development Committee, 1998
    Liaison for management/marketing intern 1998

Professional Society Activity

Reviewer and Discussant, Decision Sciences Institute National Conference (DSI), 1996, 2000, 2002

Member, APICS Constraints Management Special Interest Group (CMSIG) Steering Committee 2001 - 2002

Communications/Newsletter Editor, Constraints Management SIG (APICS) 2001-2002

Local Arrangements coordinator for 2002 Southeast Decision Sciences Institute

Reviewer and Discussant POM and/or TQM Track, Southeast Decision Sciences Institute 1996-2002

Reviewer and Discussant, Production/Operations Management National Conference 2000-2001

Judge--Doctoral Student Paper Competition, and Session Chair, Southeast Institute for Operations Research and Management Science Regional Conference (SEInfORMS), 2000

Vice-President, Athens Area APICS chapter 1996-1997

Member, APICS, 1993 - present

Member, DSI, 1996 - present

Member, POMS, 1997 - present

Community Service

Member, Statesboro/Bulloch County Chamber of Commerce 1998-2000

Volunteered time building Habitat for Humanity homes 1998

Finance Committee, First Baptist Church, Statesboro, member 2002 - present

Chair, Finance Committee, First Baptist Church, Statesboro, member 2003 - present

Week-Day Ministries Committee, First Baptist Church, Statesboro, member 2002 - present

Teacher, One-year-old Sunday School, First Baptist Church, Statesboro, GA 2001-present

Building Fund Commitment Committee, First Baptist Church, Statesboro, member 2001-present

Annual Commitment Committee, First Baptist Church, Statesboro, member 2001-present


I wrote a detailed (25 page) review of an operations strategy textbook for Prentice Hall 2001

Reviewer of operations management texts for Richard D. Irwin, Publishers 1994 - 1995

Reviewer of management texts for Houghton-Mifflin, Publishers 1994

Reviewer, Journal of Systems Improvement 1995 - 1996

Reviewer (ad hoc), Southern Business Review, 2000

Paid Consulting

Advised Savannah Digital Communications (SDC) on the appropriate use of statistical process control techniques in their organization. SDC edits and writes software and hardware documentation for such companies as MicroSoft, Dell, and Gateway. 2001

Created and delivered an 8-hour seminar/primer on MRP II concepts and considerations for Athens Area Technical Institute. 1996


Beta Gamma Sigma membership, Business Honor Society 1998

University Enhancement, University of Georgia 1996-1997

Comer Fellowship, University of Georgia 1993-1996

Research Fellowship, University of Georgia 1994

Sigma Iota Epsilon membership, Management Honor Society 1994

Founders Scholarship, Presbyterian College 1982-1986


APICS, Charlottesville, Virginia, Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) 1994, renewed 2003

SAP America, Atlanta, Georgia
    Introduction to ERP with SAP (WB100 - 20 hours), 2000
    Procurement with SAP (LO020 - 40 hours), 2001

Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute, New Haven, Connecticut
    Production Workshop (40 hours), June 1995 -Theory of Constraints-based production planning and control
    Management Skills Workshop (40 hours), December 1995 - Theory of Constraints-based conflict resolution and communications skills
    Jonah Certification Workshop (80 hours), June 1996 - Theory of Constraints-based problem-solving skills

Micro-MRP, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
    MRP theory and implementation Phase I (30 hours), November 1990

Maynard Research Council, Charlotte, North Carolina
    Methods engineering and time study analysis (80 hours), November 1989


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