MGNT 3300 Production & Operations Management

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Class Schedule and Dates

Class Day:



1 – 15 May, Th

Introduction to Managing Operations across the Supply Chain

Operations and SC Strategy

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

2 – 16 May, F

Managing Processes and Capabilities

Chapter 3

3 – 19 May, M

Product/Process Innovation

Exam I – Begins Monday, 19 May

Chapter 4

Review 1

4 – 20 May, T

Manufacturing and Service Process Structures

Chapter 5

5 – 21 May, W

Manufacturing Quality

Chapter 6 and supplement 

6 – 22 May, Th

Manufacturing Quality con’t

Managing Inventories


Chapter 7 

7 – 23 May, F

Managing Inventories con’t

Lean Systems


Chapter 8

8 – 26 May, M

26 May – Memorial Day Holiday

9 – 27 May, T

27 May – Mid-Term (Tuesday) last day to withdraw

Lean Systems con’t

Exam II – Begins Tuesday, 27 Mar



Review 2

10 – 28 May, W

Customer Service Management

Chapter 9

11 – 29 May, Th

Sourcing and Supply Management

Chapter 10

12 – 30 May, F

Logistics Management

Chapter 11

13 – 2 June, M

Sales and Operations Planning

Exam III – Begins Monday, 2 Apr

Chapter 13

Review 3

14 – 3 June, T

Materials and Resource Requirements Planning

Chapter 14

15 – 4 June, W

Project Management

Chapter 15

16 – 5 June, Th

5 May - Last Day of Classes (Thursday)

Sustainable Operations Management

Chapter 16

17 – 6 June, F

Exam IV

     Section A - Friday, 6 June 1:00 – 3:00 PM


Review 4


(The final exam slot is assigned by the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.)

Every effort will be made to adhere to the above schedule, particularly with regard to the exam dates. However, should there arise a need to change the syllabus proper notification will be given to the class. (See Class Contract above.)

Class Contract and Permission to Post Grades:
You will find a copy of the contract and permission form on the web site (  Due to the Buckley Amendment, I must have written permission to post grades.  The form on the website is the only form that I will accept.

Review Material

Review material is provided as an aid to studying.  The student is responsible for making reasonable efforts beyond this material.  Additionally, the review material covers topics which may not appear directly on the examinations; however, the knowledge gained by studying these topics is useful when answering questions which do appear on the examinations.

Product mix decisions from a TOC perspective
TOC questions
How TIOE affect NP, ROI and CF -- text format
How TIOE affect NP, ROI and CF -- Current Reality Tree
Commands for the simulator
Notes on the book The Goal
Power Point Intro to TOC and DBR
Power Point Intro to Critical Path Project Management

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