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    Hi! I'm Betsy Ballew. I am from Alpharetta, Georgia and am twenty-one years old. I graduated from Milton High School. I am currently a junior at  Valdosta State University in the Department of Early Childhood and Special Education. I am an Early Childhood major and am very excited to become a teacher! I hope to teach kindergarten, however, I am eager to learn about teaching other grades. In my spare time I love to shop and hang out with my friends. Recently I have become interested in learning to cook. I am a member of Phi Mu Sorority on campus. Here are some pictures of me and some of my friends and sorority sisters at VSU.


Friends Phi mu

    I am very close with my family and consider myself very lucky to have them. I have one older brother named Baker. He is twenty-five years old and attends Auburn University. My mother taught kindergarten in Fulton County for thirty years and worked as a Curriculum Specialist for five years before retiring. She is a huge inspiration for me as a future teacher. My parents moved to Fernandina Beach, Florida about a year ago. I love my new home in Florida and consider it a treat to be so close to the beach! Here is a picture of me and my brother in our new house and also one of me and my parents.


me and brother me mom dad

    I have recentley started reading the book "The First Days of School" , by author and teacher, Harry Wong. I really enjoy reading his works and love his sense of humor. I am excited to hear him speak this semester at VSU. Besides reading, I like to do atrts and craft projects. I cannot wait to make bulletin boards for my classroom. I have been looking at websites for creative bulletin board ideas.

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