"Diving Into Education"
Designed by Elizabeth Monroe
My name is Elizabeth Monroe.  I am a junior at Valdosta State University pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education.  I am from Waycross, Georgia and I am twenty years old.  I have always enjoyed children and cannot wait to become a teacher in my own classroom!  I hope to make a difference in  the lives of the children I teach.  Now, join me in "Diving Through Education!"


Growing up, I loved to swim!  I swam on the Waycross YMCA swim team until middle school when I became interested in other sports.  Diving off the starting blocks was always exhilarating to me.  When I became old enough, I got certified to Scuba Dive.  I have had many adventures scuba diving,even one that required stitches. Each dive, I see something different and new.  I am excited to get into classrooms to see the different personalities in each student.  Every child makes impressions on my heart and I am ready to impress upon the lives I teach.


For the past two summers, I have worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor at the YMCA of Waycross, GA.   Every two weeks, we would start a new session.  Most of the time, each session contained new kids.  We always started out by testing the kids to decide what level to place them in.  I taught kids from ages three to twelve.  I always loved getting to know each child in my group!  Personalities are especially exciting when you are a swim instructor! 
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