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Murray County High School is located at the foothills of Forte Mountain.
A Very small town,
Chatsworth, GA is a great place to raise a family and develop roots.
 It is close to Dalton, GA which is known
as the "Carpet Capital of the World."
This provides the students with the opportunity to experience

small town closeness, and the rush of a larger city.

I would say I have three true loves in my life, math, family, and american sign language,
not in that order. I have had the pleasure of teaching Math for the past five years.
I am very excited about teaching Math 1 again this year. In addition to the fact that I
love math, I have a great
family. I have three beautiful boys, Sam age 15, Drew age 10,
and Ken age 6. I also have two wonderful step-children, Austin age 16, and  Aubri age 12.
As you can see, my husband, Sean, and I have a rather large family. Lastly, I have had a
passion for ASL since I was a little girl. I received a certificate from
Georgia Perimeter College
for completing their
American Sign Language Interpreter Training Program.
I am very thankful for all the loves in my life.

This year I will be teaching Math 1 for Freshman. Math has changed so much over
the past four years, it is now completely different than the way we learned Math
when we were in high school. With this in mind, you can 
utilize the resources in the
table titled "High School Student Resources for Math 1", whether you are a
parent or student, with learning this new math. You can also check out the Georgia Department of Education website for helpful information on stanards, EOCT reviews, etc.

Important Class Information
information will be added for the new school year

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Review Materials

High School Student Resources for Math 1




USA Test Prep
an online resource to help high school and middle school students prepare for high-stakes, standardized tests.
activities, games, and
quizzes for math ranging from pre-algebra concepts to
calculus concepts

fun, yet challenging, lessons
 and activities for pre-algebra concepts to calculus concepts - also includes tips for using TI-84.

S.O.S. Math
free resource for math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations!

Additional Important Class Information



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